Q: How many lights will I need?
A: We have a Lighting layout Tool which uses the dimensions of your growing space to show exactly what you’ll need.

Q: How much will this cost a month?
A: We have a Power Usage Calculator to figure out cost down to how many hours you use your lights per day!

Q: Do you have a kit I can buy to grow everything?
A: We can put together kits together especially to work best with your gardening needs. 

Q: How do I start seeds?
A: Our Propagation Kit has the supplies and information you will need to start growing seeds or rooting clones.

Q: What is cloning?
A: Cloning is when you cut a small portion of a plant, and root it to become its own plant.

Q: How do I clone a plant?
A: We have plenty of information pamphlets and all of the tools needed to successfully clone any plant!

Q: What plants/seeds do you sell?
A: We do not sell plants or seeds.

Q: Do I have to give my plants food?
A: Nutrients always encourage more growth. While they are not required we encourage nutrient use for healthy robust harvests.

Q: Do you have organic plant food?
A: Yes! We carry organic liquid and powder nutrients for every plant and every growth stage.

Q: Can I grow fruits and vegetables all year?
A: With the right lighting you can grow any type of plant year round.

Q: What type of lighting should I use?
A: The type of lighting depends on the growing environment and power available to run the lights.

Q: Do you have a self-watering system?
A: Yes we do have a system that will water your plants for you.

Q: How do I get rid of pests/fungi without using chemicals?
A: We carry Organic non-chemical pest and fungicide treatments that will help eliminate harmful pests and disease.